Highgate Tender Meats offers custom Processing of your beef every Monday.


Wild Game

Highgate Tender Meats offers processing of wild game. Bring in your fresh or frozen wild game and have it cut and wrapped or for the hunters that prefer to have processed into Pepperoni sticks, Ring Bologna or Hungarians.

Poultry & Rabbit

From June To December we offer Poultry processing. For our chicken growers we ask that at the time of processing they bring with them their Form 300, the form is mandatory from The Chicken Farmers of Ontario. It authorizes the small flock grower to produce and market their chickens. Other poultry does not need a form.

To book dates for processing your poultry contact us today.


Highgate Tender Meats Offers hog processing every Monday. BBQ hog can be prepared for special events, we also offer a service to stuff them.

Smoked Meat

Highgate Tender meats offers award winning Black Forest Hams and beef jerky. we take pride in Smoking our products weekly.

Produces we have at Highgate Tender Meats:

  • Naturally Smoked thick cut bacon
  • Naturally Smoked Black Forest Ham (sliced or whole)
  • Mild Pepperoni sticks
  • Our Famous Ring Bologna
  • Ham Kielbasa
  • Hot and Mild Hungarians
  • Smoked Sausages (Smokies)
  • Naturally Smoked pork Chops
  • Picnic Rst
  • Cottage rolls
  • Bacon Ends (sliced)
  • Naturally Smoked pork jowl
  • Country rind on Bone in ham

Proudly serving the community since 1977. Family owned and operated butcher shop offering custom butchering of poultry, beef, hogs, lambs and goats and retail meat counter filled with homemade smoked meats and dry aged farm raised beef and pork.


Highgate Tender Meats
14680 Hastings Line
Highgate, Ontario

Tel: 519-678-3383
Email: highgatetendermeats@hotmail.com